(one) Learn how to stay in the moment of action & authenticity in your performance.

(two) Get to know methods and professionalize your acting in ‘acting on camera’ classes.

(three) Train with full equipment (2 system cameras, 2 monitors, light) in ‘acting on camera’ and Meisner-Trainings.

(four) Take a professional coaching for your casting or your work on set.

(five) Learn how to deal with the business by yourself.

(six) Become able to do your work with a script.

(seven) Work on a film project.

(eight) Train your body as your one and only instrument.

(nine) Maintain your voice smooth and genuine.

(ten) Experience how flexible and spontaneous your acting can be.

(eleven) Get to know methods, which enable you to work with your body on set.

(twelve) Share your experiences with other people of your profession in our classes.